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日本に進出している又は検討中の 外資系企業の方

Do you have any of these problems?
For foreign companies
operating or considering operating in Japan.

海外進出しているまたは検討中の 日本企業の方

Do you have any of these problems?
For Japanese companies
expanding or considering expanding overseas.

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Strengths and Features of Probitas


Reduce Japan's overly high tax burden!

I read and understand not only Japanese tax laws but also tax treaties, and examine ways to reduce tax burdens from various angles such as corporate tax, withholding income tax, and consumption tax.
I have handled many European and American companies, but I also have experience with Asian companies. We are able to handle the establishment of service companies, which are common in foreign companies.


Strong in dealing with tax audits!

We have extensive experience in international tax audits. We know what the tax authorities look for in foreign companies. We can advise you in advance to avoid being pointed out in a tax audit. If a tax audit has already started and you are not satisfied with your tax advisor’s handling of your foreign transactions and international taxation, we can provide advice on how to handle the situation even after the tax audit has started.


Reduce tax risks when expanding overseas!

We support Japanese companies that have expanded or are planning to expand overseas from an accounting and tax perspective. We provide advice on transfer pricing taxation and tax havens, which can be problematic when expanding overseas, and help minimize the tax burden.
We can also help you file for a foreign tax credit in case of double taxation and receive a refund for taxes incurred overseas.


We have held many international tax seminars!

I read and understand not only Japanese tax law but also tax treaties, and examine ways to reduce tax burdens from various angles, such as corporate tax, withholding income tax, and consumption tax.
While I have handled many European and American companies, I also have experience with Asian companies. We are able to provide services from the establishment of a service company, which is common in foreign companies.


Very low cancellation rate!

A tax accountant from Big4 with a lot of experience in international taxation will take care of your needs. Our fees are more reasonable than the big 4. We also provide a second opinion, so you do not need to change your tax advisor. You can request a set of corporate and individual tax returns.


Speedy response within 24 hours!

We use chat tools such as Slack to quickly respond to your questions and requests. “We can help your business run smoothly by reducing the stress of communicating with your tax accountant, such as “I have a small question but I can’t get a reply” or “I can’t get an answer right away when I want to know. We can also provide services in English.

Member of BOKS International

Probitas Tax Corporation is a member of BOKS International.
As a member of BOKS International, we have access to a network of professional service firms with a high level of quality assurance and are connected with advisors worldwide to provide the highest level of service. We connect you with advisors and provide you with the highest standard of service.


Services and Plans

Popular services


will handle the back office operations
related to international taxation

Founding a company

Incorporation service for those who want to
establish a corporation in Japan from overseas

Tax return

Tax returns in Japan for foreigners living in Japan
and Japanese relocating overseas.

Tax return for real estate investor

Taxes and Tax Returns for Overseas Residents
Owning Japanese Real Estate

International Tax Services

There is a wide range of regulations regarding international taxation, including foreign tax credit, foreign subsidiary aggregation taxation (tax haven (CFC) taxation), transfer pricing taxation, undercapitalization taxation, overpaid interest taxation, and tax treaties. We provide advice on international taxation. It is also necessary to consider schemes to reduce the tax burden when conducting international M&A. We will advise you based on our experience or use our network to find a solution. We welcome difficult cases.

Tax consulting

□Consultation and explanation of day-to-day accounting and taxation matters
□Explanation of taxation, suggestion of appropriate tax payment and tax saving
□Accounting Software Input Review
□Responding to questions about international taxation
□Preparation of withholding income tax payment forms etc

We can also respond to questions about accounting and taxation from overseas parent companies and overseas accounting firms in English.

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□A set of services included in the tax consulting
□Bookkeeping services
□Financial statement preparation
□Tax return filing
□Payroll calculation as BPO(outsourcing) etc

We can provide one-stop service for bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, tax return filing, and payroll calculation as BPO(outsourcing). If needed, we can provide these services in cooperation with our partner companies, such as lawyers/HR companies. If you need your financial reports to your parent company, etc., we can provide financial and accounting/tax reports to your overseas parent company, etc., in a format specified by you in English.

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Tax audit support for international taxation Many tax accountants are uncomfortable with international taxation, and from our point of view, there are cases where they take inappropriate actions during a tax audit. Even if the tax audit has already started, we will respond to the tax audit after understanding the situation.

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Tax return for employees transferred from abroad We are familiar with the taxation of foreign nationals. We can help you determine whether you are a resident or a non-resident, and how to handle stock options.

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Preparation and submission of transfer pricing documents We assist in the preparation of master and local files that must be prepared by Japanese companies, and prepare and submit final parent company reports and cbc reports that must be submitted by foreign companies.

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Founding a company Incorporation service for those who want to establish a corporation in Japan from overseas.

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Price for Corporate Services

Tax consulting
Annual revenue amount Our fee (per month) Corporate tax return Filing consumption tax returns Total annual amount
〜JPY 10M 25,000〜 120,000〜 30,000〜 450,000〜
JPY 10M〜JPY 30M 30,000〜 150,000〜 30,000〜 540,000〜
JPY 30M〜JPY 50M 35,000〜 200,000〜 50,000〜 780,000〜
JPY 50M〜JPY 100M 40,000〜 250,000〜 50,000〜 780,000〜
JPY 100M〜JPY 200M 45,000〜 300,000〜 80,000〜 920,000〜
JPY 200M〜JPY 300M 50,000〜 350,000〜 80,000〜 1,030,000〜
JPY 300M〜 Contact us
Tax audit support From 15,000 yen per hour
Tax return for employees transferred from abroad 80,000~
Preparation and submission of transfer pricing documents Contact us
Founding a company 300,000円〜(Increase or decrease depending on the amount of capital)

Price for Personal Services

Basic fee
Annual 100,000〜
Consumption tax return Annual 30,000~
Furusato donation Annual 5,000~
Medical expense Annual 5,000~
Stock transfer Annual 20,000~
Foreign tax credit Annual 20,000~
Credit for housing loan Annual 30,000~
Other income Annual 20,000~
Bookkeeping fee Monthly 10,000~

Probitas will solve your problem.
Please contact us via email form.

Reply within 24 hours.
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International Tax Experience

Tax Accountant Introduction

Yasushi Katayama

Born in 1974, Nishinomiya, Hyogo.


Certified Tax Accountant / registered smaller enterprise consultant / TOEIC score 820 / Chinese Proficiency Test Level 4


1999 Tokyo university, Bachelor of Social sceince
1999-2006 Microsoft Japan
2006-2009 PwC tax
2009-2013 Altesta tax
2013-2018 TMF group tax services
2018- Probitas international tax services


Based in Minato-ku, Tokyo, we provide international tax services specializing in foreign companies and foreign corporations.
With the experience of filing tax returns for more than 100 foreign companies, both large and small, we hope to build a relationship with you to help you find better solutions.


Actual introduction

Social Networking Service company

Proposal on reducing tax liability when setting up the branch in Japan

Our customer, SNS company, which headquarter is located in US, considered new business branch setup in Japan, but hesitated it due to high effective tax rate in Japan. They wondered how to reduce this high tax liability.
We advised on how to reduce Japanese corporate taxes liability, when establishing Japanese subsidiary. In order to lessen tax due, we proposed setup of service company, which function was restricted, and direct sales to Japanese consumer from US headquarter.

As a result, the company realized effective tax rate down.

beverage manufacture

beverageTax consulting service to foreign capital company

Enterprise beverage manufacturing company was looking for Japanese tax accountant who could support their accounting/tax work in English.

We delivered tax service for their headquarter in USA. We provided tax advice regarding various tax issues, including capital payment/loan, Japanese consumption tax, loyalty to US headquarter.

We do believe they/their accountants gained deep knowledge on Japanese accounting/tax system.

finance business

Your tax advisor is unfamiliar with international taxation and you are concerned about their answers. We can provide a second opinion on international taxation.

Japanese companies operating in Singapore. Singapore is a country famous as a tax haven. The company has an advisory tax accountant, but the tax accountant is not familiar with international taxation, so dealing with tax haven taxation has been a challenge.
We work with the company every year only to make sure that its subsidiary in Singapore is not subject to tax haven taxation. We also advise the company on the preparation of schedules for tax havens every year. We liaise with the company’s tax advisor on this matter.
Tax havens are subject to frequent tax system revisions, and we are implementing measures based on the annual revisions.

Semiconductor Industry

Expanding overseas with less tax risk and less tax burden overseas. Why don't you succeed in your overseas expansion without paying unnecessary taxes?

Japanese companies operating in Taiwan and the United States (US). When companies expand overseas, they often do not consider how they will recover their profits. This customer was no different, and the issue was how to recover their investment in Taiwan and the US.
After hearing about their expansion into Taiwan, we proposed that they enter the country as a representative office. As for the U.S. subsidiary, we proposed that it become a service company.
Although there are some restrictions on business activities in Taiwan, we have been able to avoid being subject to Taiwanese corporate tax. As for investments in the U.S., we have achieved a simple return on investment by recovering from service companies.

manufacturing of IT facilities

Tax audit on foreign capital company

Japanese tax authority contacted us that tax audit would be held on our customer. Our customer was foreign capital company, and all accounting work was done in Singapore. Their accountants/controllers wondered how to address their tax audit.
We had several meeting with our customer several time before tax audit, and advised how to prepare accounting/tax documents tax auditors must request. During one week tax audit, we were always communicating with tax auditors and our clients in English. This is why we have deep experiences about tax audit on foreign capital companies and the points tax auditors will be seeking regarding foreign capital companies.
No additional tax was levied on our clients, and tax auditor approved their tax returns.

manufacturing of IT facilities

We provide total support for restructuring and M&A of foreign companies through our network of experts with advanced knowledge and experience.

A Japanese subsidiary of a global company headquartered in the United States. An M&A occurred at the headquarters, and the Japanese subsidiary also decided to conduct an M&A. As is often the case with foreign-affiliated companies, the Japanese subsidiary was left to deal with the head office later.
We identified information necessary for tax reporting, such as whether or not the company was tax qualified, what the consideration for the reorganization was, and the treatment of losses, and communicated with the head office.
As a result, we were able to grasp the whole picture and file our tax returns accurately.

consulting firm

Individual tax return filing

Our clients, consulting firm located in London UK, planed approx. 10 new consultants assigned to Japan office for enhancing business in Japan. They looked for the tax accountant who can support their JP tax issues.
We have proficient experience about individual tax return of foreigners. We are able to support their tax issue totally, including their tax return preparation. Our clients could simply mail in the required information and we returned the completed tax return filing to you by mail.
We were able to communicate with our clients in English, and tax return preparation had been done smoothly by due date. Some of them received the inquiries from Japanese tax authority about their tax return, but all of them were approved.

biotechnology company

For those who are concerned about managing the accounting books and taxes of overseas subsidiaries. We can help you review the books of your overseas subsidiaries.

A medical company that is listed on the Japanese stock exchange. The subsidiary in the U.S. was subject to an accounting audit, but due to the insufficient skills of the accounting staff, various problems were pointed out by the audit firm every time the accounts were closed.
We communicated with the US accountant and the US accounting firm to understand why their work was not going well. One of the many problems was that the US side had not been given any accounting instructions when the new business was being developed in the US.
As a result of our efforts to communicate and solve problems, we have not been pointed out by the auditing firm. Now, we can even manage our forecast and actual results. Our subsidiary in the U.S. is still using Quickbook, which is an installed software, but there are no problems. Cloud-based accounting software has been gaining popularity in recent years, but I believe that accounting software is just a tool for proper accounting and that communication in advance is the most important thing.

Customer's Voice

He explained every detail to me. I can go ahead with the project with peace of mind.

Sole proprietorship (Male, 30's, Mr. J.K.)


I am always very grateful for your help.
Thank you very much for listening to me kindly and always giving me accurate suggestions. He is always available for consultations on the phone and also on line, which is very helpful. Whenever we take a new initiative, he explains every detail to us, and we can proceed with confidence. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

I am very grateful for your quick response to all my questions.I am very grateful for your help.

Executive(Female, 40's, consulting business, Ms. I.T.)

When I was unsure about starting my own business, meeting Mr. Katayama and his encouragement helped me to get started. He is always quick to respond to any questions I have, which helps me a lot. He also provides me with a variety of information (even about applying for subsidies) so that I can quickly access things that are difficult for me to access on my own. Thanks to you, I am able to concentrate on my main business more easily. Thank you very much.

Probitas will solve your problem.
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Reply within 24 hours.
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Inquiry to us

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We strive to get to know you and understand your future goals. We would ask you about the detail of your requirement, your concern, and your problem, if needed. It is free of charge.

Proposal/Fee quote

We would provide our fee quote/our proposal, based on our hearing.

Service provision

When you approve our proposal, we are going to provide our tax/accounting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please let me know which countries’ tax system you are specialized in.
We are Japanese certified tax accountant, so we are responsible for Japanese tax system, including corporate tax, consumption tax, and withholding tax. If you request tax information of other countries, we are going to communicate with accounting firms in these countries in order to meet your request.
Please let me know the detail of your tax services.
We can provide the following services. Advice/Explanation about Japanese accounting/tax system in consideration with your business condition Proposal on Japanese tax liability reduction Confirmation with your book Response to your question about Japanese accounting/tax issue
Please let me know there is any benefit for your consultation before we are establishing our branch in Japan.
Yes. There are various styles to establish base in Japan, including subsidiary, branch, rep office and so on. It is not easy to change the style after setting it up. We will advise and help you decide on what organizational structure is best for you in consideration with your request before your business in Japan is off ground.
Please let me know if you are available for individual tax return preparation, such as expiates
Yes. We can provide individual tax return preparation service. If you have any question about your Japanese tax/social insurance, please feel free to contact us. We also appreciate if you ask us to prepare tax returns for all of your expiates in your company in bulk.

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