International Taxation

Are you seeking tax accountants and/or accounting firm in Japan?
Our company has various tax know-how for foreigners and foreign capital companies in Japan.If you are…


– Startup company in Japan (If you are planning to setup your subsidiary in Japan…)
– Expatriates(If you are expatriate/ having granted stock option, stock award etc., we can help your individual tax return preparation.)
– Individual contractors (If you are looking for tax accountant who prepare your tax return…)
– Rental property owners (If you have rental property in Japan, we can help gather your rental expenses, and pay withholding tax on behalf of you, and prepare you tax return if needed.)
– Traders (If you buy and sell a lot of stocks through securities account in Japan, we can help summarize your transactions and prepare your tax return to include all the stocks that your bought and sold throughout the year. )


Probitas international tax services provides the following services that are fast and accurate in order to make your obligations done as painless as possible.

– Company setup
– Corporate taxes
– Individual income taxes

Strength & Feature

Quick reponse

In our firm’s rule, our commitment is our response to the inquiry from our customer within one working day. Of course, we may provide final answer within one working day in some case, but we are trying to communicate with our customer closely in order to solve their concern.
Our policy is that tax firm is service industry. We believe our customers have their concern that is why they make inquiry to us. So, we are always trying to think about what our customers want to do. In order to make our communication better, Slack and Line is available for us.

License holders provide our service

Most of Japanese accounting/tax firms provide their services by their staffs, not by license holders.
Our commitment is license holders provide our services in order to make everything clear as soon as possible. We believe it is material to provide responsible answer.

clear explanation

Japanse accounting/tax rule is complicate, and getting more complex recently.
Our commitment we will explain about Japanse accounting/tax rule and relative matters without complicate technical words as much as possible brevity.

Our tax service has never been terminated

In the past, our tax service has never been terminated. We do believe our customers are satisfied with our service. We are always on customer side and providing effective service.

Experience on M&A, Certificate on small/medium enterprise consultant, and CPA

Our firm had the experience on M&A. Some parts of our business had been tranferred to another tax firm. Of course, we have enough knowledge about M&A process, in addition, we believe our experience helps you more comfortable. Our partner of our firm (CPA) has the experience on IPO. We have various experience to make your business sucessful.

Good access from the station nearby, and from Shibuya

Our firm is located in Aoyama area, and good access from Gaienmae station, within 1 minutes. Gaienmae station is 2 stations away from Shibuya, so also good access from Shibuya.

Our Service

Service Menu Details
Tax consulting ・Consultation and explanation of day-to-day accounting and taxation matters ・Explanation of taxation, suggestion of appropriate tax payment and tax saving ・Accounting Software Input Review ・Responding to questions about international taxation ・Preparation of withholding income tax payment forms, etc. We can also respond to questions about accounting and taxation from overseas parent companies and overseas accounting firms in English.
International Taxation (1) There is a wide range of regulations regarding international taxation, including foreign tax credit, foreign subsidiary aggregation taxation (tax haven (CFC) taxation), transfer pricing taxation, undercapitalization taxation, overpaid interest taxation, and tax treaties. We provide advice on international taxation. (2) It is also necessary to consider schemes to reduce the tax burden when conducting international M&A. We will advise you based on our experience or use our network to find a solution. We welcome difficult cases.
Tax audit support for international taxation Many tax accountants are uncomfortable with international taxation, and from our point of view, there are cases where they take inappropriate actions during a tax audit. Even if the tax audit has already started, we will respond to the tax audit after understanding the situation.
Tax return for employees transferred from abroad We are familiar with the taxation of foreign nationals. We can help you determine whether you are a resident or a non-resident, and how to handle stock options.
Preparation and submission of transfer pricing documents We assist in the preparation of master and local files that must be prepared by Japanese companies, and prepare and submit final parent company reports and cbc reports that must be submitted by foreign companies.
Outsourcing We can provide one-stop service for bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, tax return filing, and payroll calculation as BPO(outsourcing). If needed, we can provide these services in cooperation with our partner companies, such as lawyers/HR companies. If you need your financial reports to your parent company, etc., we can provide financial and accounting/tax reports to your overseas parent company, etc., in a format specified by you in English.
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Fee table for corporate customer

This is our general fee table. Before starting our service, our fee quote is definitely prepared.


Monthly retainer fee

Annual revenue amount Our fee
(per month)
JPY 10M 25,000
JPY 10M~JPY 30M 30,000
JPY 30M ~ JPY 50M 35,000
JPY 50M ~ JPY 100M 40,000
JPY 100M ~ JPY 200M 45,000
JPY 200M ~ JPY 300M 50,000
JPY 300M need to estimate

Monthly retainer fee includes the fee for tax advice, but not for bookkeeping/payroll.
If you need the fee quote for bookkeeping/payroll, please feel free to contact us.


Tax return preparation fee

Annual revenue amount Our fee
(corporate tax)
Our fee
(consumption tax)
JPY 10M 120,000 30,000
JPY 10M~JPY 30M 150,000 30,000
JPY 30M ~ JPY 50M 200,000 50,000
JPY 50M ~ JPY 100M 250,000 50,000
JPY 100M ~ JPY 200M 300,000 80,000
JPY 200M ~ JPY 300M 350,000 80,000
JPY 300M need to estimate need to estimate

Actual introduction

Proposal on reducing tax liability when setting up the branch in Japan


Social Networking Service company


Our customer, SNS company, which headquarter is located in US, considered new business branch setup in Japan, but hesitated it due to high effective tax rate in Japan. They wondered how to reduce this high tax liability.


We advised on how to reduce Japanese corporate taxes liability, when establishing Japanese subsidiary. In order to lessen tax due, we proposed setup of service company, which function was restricted, and direct sales to Japanese consumer from US headquarter.


As a result, the company realized effective tax rate down.

Actual introduction

Tax consulting service to foreign capital company


beverage manufacture


Enterprise beverage manufacturing company was looking for Japanese tax accountant who could support their accounting/tax work in English.


We delivered tax service for their headquarter in USA. We provided tax advice regarding various tax issues, including capital payment/loan, Japanese consumption tax, loyalty to US headquarter.


We do believe they/their accountants gained deep knowledge on Japanese accounting/tax system.

Actual introduction

Tax audit on foreign capital company


manufacturing of IT facilities


Japanese tax authority contacted us that tax audit would be held on our customer. Our customer was foreign capital company, and all accounting work was done in Singapore. Their accountants/controllers wondered how to address their tax audit.


We had several meeting with our customer several time before tax audit, and advised how to prepare accounting/tax documents tax auditors must request. During one week tax audit, we were always communicating with tax auditors and our clients in English.
This is why we have deep experiences about tax audit on foreign capital companies and the points tax auditors will be seeking regarding foreign capital companies.


No additional tax was levied on our clients, and tax auditor approved their tax returns.

Actual introduction

Individual tax return filing


consulting firm


Our clients, consulting firm located in London UK, planed approx. 10 new consultants assigned to Japan office for enhancing business in Japan. They looked for the tax accountant who can support their JP tax issues.


We have proficient experience about individual tax return of foreigners. We are able to support their tax issue totally, including their tax return preparation. Our clients could simply mail in the required information and we returned the completed tax return filing to you by mail.


We were able to communicate with our clients in English, and tax return preparation had been done smoothly by due date. Some of them received the inquiries from Japanese tax authority about their tax return, but all of them were approved.

Actual introduction

Real estate income for non-resident




When non-resident in Japan has property such as apartment and rental income from the property, under the Japanese tax law, rent fee should be withheld and tax return filing should be required. The investor in China looked for tax accountant in Japan, who support such kind of withholding tax payment, and tax return preparation. And also it is not easy for them to have bank account in Japan.


Our designated tax representative service were provided and withholding tax payment had been done on behalf of our clients, by cooperating with asset managers.


Our client leaves all the accounting/tax/fund management work to us as outsource in highly secure and reasonable way.

Flow of support


Inquiry to us

We appreciate if you would ask us from inquiry form. Please feel free to contact us.



We strive to get to know you and understand your future goals.
We would ask you about the detail of your requirement, your concern, and your problem, if needed. It is free of charge.


Proposal/Fee quote

We would provide our fee quote/our proposal, based on our hearing.


Service provision

When you approve our proposal, we are going to provide our tax/accounting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q,Please let me know which countries’ tax system you are specialized in.

A,We are Japanese certified tax accountant, so we are responsible for Japanese tax system, including corporate tax, consumption tax, and withholding tax. If you request tax information of other countries, we are going to communicate with accounting firms in these countries in order to meet your request.

Q,Please let me know the detail of your tax services.

A,We can provide the following services.

Advice/Explanation about Japanese accounting/tax system in consideration with your business condition
Proposal on Japanese tax liability reduction
Confirmation with your book
Response to your question about Japanese accounting/tax issue

Q,Please let me know there is any benefit for your consultation before we are establishing our branch in Japan.

A,Yes. There are various styles to establish base in Japan, including subsidiary, branch, rep office and so on. It is not easy to change the style after setting it up. We will advise and help you decide on what organizational structure is best for you in consideration with your request before your business in Japan is off ground.

Q,Please let me know if you are available for individual tax return preparation, such as expiates.

A,Yes. We can provide individual tax return preparation service. If you have any question about your Japanese tax/social insurance, please feel free to contact us. We also appreciate if you ask us to prepare tax returns for all of your expiates in your company in bulk.

Probitas international tax services

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Born in 1974, Nishinomiya, Hyogo.
Tokyo university, ,Bachelor of Social sceince

1999-2006 Microsoft Japan
2006-2009 PwC tax
2009-2013 Altesta tax
2013-2018 TMF group tax services
2018- Probitas international tax services

My career
My career started in Microsoft Japan as System Engineer.
After 8 years experience as SE, I changed career from Microsoft SE to PwC tax accountant.
In PwC financial division, I provided a variety of accounting/tax services to a wide range of financial clients, such as preparation of coporate/individual tax return, providing tax opinion, tax planning on real estate investment, advice on tax scheme. After PwC career, I moved to another firm to earn more experience.
With extensive experience on international tax in PwC tax and another accounting firm, I established our accounting firm on February 18th, 2013, named TMF group tax services.

In 2018, the business in TMF group tax services had been transferred to another accounting firm.

My policy
I believe our experience/knowledge should help our clients’ suceess.

– certified tax accountant
– registered smaller enterprise consultant

Area of expritise
– Tax return preparation/Tax advice on foreign capital company
– International tax including foreign tax credit, tax heaven tax treatment, thin cap rule, and transfer pricing
– Tax advice on M&A
– Tax return preparation/Tax advice on invidivual