English available! Outsourcing service for foreign companies with up to 10 employees

English available! Outsourcing service for foreign companies with up to 10 employees

Focus Your Energy on Generating Revenue in Japan. Let Us Handle Your Bookkeeping and Taxes, Full-Service Accounting Firm.
Probitas is an independent tax accounting firm in Tokyo that provides a wide variety of accounting, tax and financial management services in English. We have a lot of experiences on foreign capital companies and foreign people, offer comprehensive accounting/tax services.

Applicable to any of the below items?


<Short-staffed! Unable to find the right person.>


・Unable to find a right person proficient in English for admin (back office) divisions

・Looking for resources who are familiar with compliance related to foreign-affiliated companies.



<Tax accountant with less international tax experience>


・Not able to get a convincing answer to your questions regarding overseas transactions from your tax advisor in a timely manner.

・In tax audit, not satisfied with unreliable responses from your tax accountant by being pointed out some mistakes on international transactions.


<English support from Tax Accounting Firm>


・English support from the current Firm was not satisfactory when necessary to give an explanation directly to HQ Finance team

・It takes too long  to report to HQ Finance.



<High retainer fee / accounting service fee>


・The current advisory fees for Tax Accounting Firm are expensive.



Why us?


・Outsourcing service for foreign-affiliated companies


At a startup phase, or for small-sized foreign companies, it is quite difficult to hire a right person for the administrative (back office) division. The labor costs are expensive and it is difficult to hire a talent eligible for the role. We provide a service that oversee the back office function to foreign-affiliated companies.


・Accounting/Tax/HR/Legal affairs Service for foreign-affiliated companies


Back office operations of foreign-affiliated companies are so diverse such as accounting reports, bookkeeping, bank payments, payroll calculation, recruitment, tax filing, shareholders meeting management, incorporation procedure, registration change.

We handle all of these tasks on behalf of you.


・Great track records of Tax Return for more than 100 foreign-affiliated companies


We have completed Tax Return for over 100 foreign-affiliated companies.


We have a lot of experiences in tax audit on Japanese subsidiaries, Japanese branches and representative offices of foreign-affiliated companies. Our certified tax accountant consults with you regarding Tax and Accounting issues related to international transactions.

In addition, we also support the preparation of final notification items of parent company corresponding to the BEPS and local files, e.t.c.. We provide appropriate advice for each requirement based on our successful experience.


・Bilingual support


All of our tax accountants can support you in English by Email and as necessary, English-speaking staff are available for a call conference.


・Bilingual Outsourcing Service with reasonable fee


Since our policy is ‘Small numbers‐exceptional talent’, we can provide services quality equivalent to Big4 with more reasonable rates than large-scale accounting firms.

Our Certified tax Accountant will be a main point of contact so you will keep informed with correct updates in a quick manner.



・Tax Return for individual foreigners (Expat) residing in Japan


We handle Tax returns for individual foreigners dispatched from HQ or overseas offices. We consult with stock options and RSU related matters.


・Pre-onboarding consultation is provided for free until you feel satisfied with proceeding


We understand that onboarding a new tax accountant makes you feel uncertain if it works. We have seen a lot of foreign-affiliated companies keen to change the current accounting firm to a new firm with better service quality, but hesitate to make a move at the same time.


Therefore, we are open to multiple consultations until our customer is satisfied and decides to go with us. We won’t charge you any fees for pre-onboarding communications even if you do not sign on the contract in the end so please feel free to contact us.



Specific service contents


  1. Monthly/reporting service


We ask you to prepare all invoices, receipts, bank information and other relevant documents internally on your end.


We review them and create accounting books, and provide the reporting package every month according to your requirements.


The deliverable include as follows.


-Trial balance

-Balance sheet

-Profit and loss statement

-Fixed asset schedule

-Account statement

At the end of the fiscal year, we will prepare the corporate tax return and consumption tax return in the statutory schedule.

Monthly/reporting service fees consist of bookkeeping fees and advisory fees.



  1. Tax filing


Our tax return filing services include:


-Translate the financial statements attached to the corporate tax return into Japanese

-Translate tax return application forms into English

-Declaration through electronic filing system (No physical seal or signature required)

-Providing Advice on Tax/Accounting in case you have multiple options


  1. Corporate Secretary Service


We help you with the registration of incorporation in Japan.

Also, we provide arrangements for the annual shareholders’ meeting and creation of meeting minutes.

HANKO (corporate seal) is very important in Japan. Some companies do not prefer their employees in Japan to have access to a corporate seal. We manage stamps on behalf of our customers and affix a seal after obtaining approval from the HQ.


  1. Cash management service


Some companies do not prefer to let employees in Japan access to corporate bank accounts. In that case we manage your bank account on behalf of you. We offer bank payment service upon approval from HQ and we will provide you a report of bank statements in English.


  1. Payroll/HR Service



-Monthly payroll

-Payments of  monthly salary

-Withholding Tax payment on monthly salary


<Once a year>

Annual social insurance and employment insurance filing

Year-end tax adjustment



<Ad hoc service>


-New joiner/leaver procedures

-Social insurance related to bonus payment


<The following items are not included>

-36 Treaty Form Review

-Employment Contract Review



Consultation flow


Please contact us through the inquiry form.

(Inquiries from real estate agencies are also welcome)



Please let us know your concerns and challenges. We do not charge any fees for consultation. We will clarify what and how we can assist you with.



From the perspective of tax, accounting and business management expert, we will propose solutions to customers’ concerns.



If our proposal  is clear enough to you, we will offer you a proper quotation. We refrain from offering a proper quotation to those who have not spoken directly. We believe that it is important to have a relationship of trust in the continuous provision of services, and for that purpose, we strongly prefer to start with having a conversation to get to know each other at first.



item Summary One off(JPY) Monthly(JPY) Annual(JPY)
1 Monthly booking fee From 50,000
1 Monthly retainer fee (komon-ryo) From 25,000
2 Corporate tax filing From 120,000
2 Consumption tax filing From 30,000
2 Tax report filing when required 15,000
3 Company seal management
+arrangement service
+ hourly rate
4 Payment service(domestic)
(up to 20 per month)
4 Payment service (overseas) 8,000 per
4 Withholding tax payment 8,000 per
5 Monthly payroll
1 employee
2-5 employees
6-20 employees (fee per person)
5 Year end reconciliation fee 15,000 per
5 Joiner/Leaver fee 40,000 per
5 Assist with annual filing (Hotei-choso) and inhabitant tax filing 10,000 per